At Jolie’s, Revelry Takes Precedence Over Routine

Sprawled over 30,000 square feet at Birla Centurion, Worli. Jolie’s is an eclectic sanctuary that offers its diverse members suppers, soirées, spectacles and the space to express themselves freely and authentically.Based on our three founding pillars whose aims are to inspire, explore and express – Jolie’s is a community of diverse achievers with compelling individuality, who are culturally curious and passionately engaged with the world.

Jolie's provides an escape from the city and an escape to pleasurable pursuits around which we have planned our nine spaces for entertaining, art, music, cultural events and drinking & dining. The club operates on the philosophy of progressive and immersive revelry, which starts out by teasing your senses until you reach peak hedonism as you go deeper within – a hedonism unlike any the city has witnessed before.


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